1985 Kire Elite 30

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Jun 1, 2004
Hunter 26 Lake Pueblo Colorado
We are thinking of trading up from our H26, and have come across a "1985 Kire Elite 30". But I have not been able to find much info. Does anyone have first hand experience with these boats? Thanks Chris
Oct 14, 2005
1983 Hunter H34 North East, MD
A couple in my club...

raced a Kire Elite boat very successfully for a number of years before trading up to a much larger boat from a different mfgr. From what I understood about it, it was a well made boat, but there aren't many around to compare. Check the Yachtworld listings for other Kire Elites that may be on the market.


Jun 3, 2004
Hunter 33.5 Middle River, MD
No first hand experience but....

.....I'm good friends with the couple Dan talked about. They were very happy with their Elite. They just wanted something bigger.
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