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1984 Hunter 34 ...A/C circuit issues

May 3, 2021
Hunter H34 Marina Del Rey
Hello everyone:)
Im new to the forum. I recently purchase a 1984 Hunter 34. Im new to sailing and am very excited to get my boat up amd running. She has a few issues witch was what i was looking for. I was looking for a boat that i can fix up. Im hoping maybe you guys can help me with some issues im having with the A/C110v circuit. Whenever i plug the shore power to the boat evedything turneds on but if i turn the main breaker switch at the panel on and off a few times it will blow the breaker at the shore power connection on the dock. Another thing i noticed is that the lights next to the switchs flikers and looks dimm (sometimes not all the time). I, also, noticed that i trips it when i have one or more of the other AC breakers on when i turn the main breaker on. Im thnking it either the breakers are going bad or there is short or grounding issues. Ive been reading about the grounding system on boats and needless to say its not ghe same as a residential system. I read about the galvanic isolators and isolating transformers but am stuck. Im wondering if you guys can shed some light on this issue. I tried to look for either one of tose isolators on my boat (1984 h34) but could not either one .?