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1983 H34 Masthead light bulb

Jan 13, 2015
Hunter 34 Deep Bay, BC
I went up the mast on my '83 Hunter 34 recently to retrieve the bulb at the top, and when I got there - someone in the past had beat me to it. I'd intended to get it so that I could get the right replacement, as it wasn't (duh.) working. I couldn't quite see over the top of the mast, but I could feel it is a bayonet mount. I didn't think to stick my finger in to see if I could feel whether it was a single or double contact, and I'm not sure if I could have told whether it was a index mount or not.

I don't take going up the mast for granted, not because I'm at all scared of it but because I have trouble rounding up someone strong enough to winch me up. My wife isn't strong enough, but even if she was she can't even stand to watch. But I've got a friend lined up for Sunday, and would like to have the right bulb in hand. I want to put an LED up there, which is why I don't just go up with one of each in hand (single contact, double contact, indexed).

Does anyone, by some stroke of luck, know with any confidence what type of bulb base they used in '83 for the masthead light?