1981 H22 Forestay Chainplate replacement/roller furler

Jan 29, 2007
Hunter 22 Pelham Manor, NY (1981 H22)
Dear All,
Can someone please post a photo of OEM 1981 Hunter 22 forestay chainplate. I think what I have is aftermarket and made for the roller furling, but I could be wrong. I think mine may have gotten bent from a collision, and before I replace it, I am just wondering what OEM looked like.
Also... wondering what do people do for roller furling. I am told my setup is not good, that the tang is too long, that I need to get more clearance from the bow pulpit support to shorten the tang and move the furler body down closer to the deck. So I guess I have to modify the bow pulpit support to put a "C" curve in it. to get it around the furler? Thoughts.


Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Do an internet search on "1981 catalina 22 bow images" and you find plenty like this one:

Jan 29, 2007
Hunter 22 Pelham Manor, NY (1981 H22)
Okay so here's a really dumb question for you... How do you rig your jib? Do you Hank it right on to that forestay with the turnbuckle? Or do you rig some other standing rigging from one of those little holes just aft of the forestay to the top of the mast?
Jun 5, 2010
Hunter 25 Burlington NJ
That fitting shown in the first set of pics appears to be the same fitting used on first-gen H25. A cheaper replacement may be had from Racelite; but a caveat - theirs is too scant in certain dimensions and for Diana I had a backing plate welded to the inside of it -

- to use with 255 ft of sail, which has worked just fine and permitted me to get rid of the middle leg of the pulpit, which I disliked.