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1980 Wilcox Headmate head

Jun 5, 2009
2 Hunter 170 Southampton, NY

I have a Wilcox HeadMate head on my 1980 Mariner36. I’m guessing it’s original, but it is in good condition and I never had a problem with it in the ten years I have own the boat. It had started to leak water around the pump handle. Thinking about replacing the entire pump assembly for $160 rather then trying to repair it with a rebuild kit. The other option is to buy a new Raritan PH II and just replace it. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks
Jan 11, 2014
Sabre 362 113 Fair Haven, NY
Replace it with the PHII. The W-C hasn't been made in many many years. The PH II is a much better head and pump. Better made, easier to use, more efficient.


Apr 16, 2018
Hunter 31 Irish Mist Saylorville Lake
Rebuilt a W C. In a few months had the pump handle leak as you describe. Replaced packing to get through the season and then replaced with a PHII. Like Dave and Stu said... Do it. NO comparison.


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
Out with old, in with the new..... get the Raritan... you won't be sorry.. You will be sorry if you waste $160 on an obsolete msd.
Dec 2, 1997
- - LIttle Rock
You got good advice from everyone! The PH II has been the top rated manual toilet since Raritan introduced it in 1983. The current version is the PH SuperFlush. Raritan PH SuperFlush Only the base has been modified to match the mounting bolt pattern for most other manual toilets. And btw... all marine toilets mount using lag bolts that you just have to back out...no nuts on 'em. You may need to replace the discharge fitting if you need a straight or 45 instead of the 90 that usually comes with it...and you may also need a slightly longer flush water intake line. In fact, if your hoses are anywhere near as old as your W-C Headmate, it's prob'ly way past time to replace all of 'em.

Fwiw, you might want to check out the link in my signature...it includes an entire chapter on how to replace a toilet, tank and plumbing..and If you follow the directions it won't be a nasty stinky job.

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