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1980 Ericson 30 Questions and Advise

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Apr 9, 2012
Ericson 30 Middle River
Good Morning Everyone,

I have the opportunity to take possession of a 1980 Ericson 30 for the tremendous price of free and save the boat from being cut up. The boat needs work I will admit. It has sat on the lot at the marina where I have my Lancer 25 stored. I am looking at a 2 year project to get this boat back to working order with replacing what has been pilfered off the boat and getting everything in working order. I have joined the ericsonyachts.org site and have access to the links, resources, and documents, but I was wondering if anyone out there might have pictures that they could share of what is supposed to be where so I could figure out what I need to replace. I have read the adventures of the owner out in California on Narrow Escape who had a bit of an adventure with the whole inboard/outboard choices. I am guessing that the inboard is an Atomic 4, but I am not sure. Could someone clarify or tell me how to find out. The literature from ericsonyachts.org says that it is a 16 hp Universal diesel. Does that mean that it is an Atomic 4? It was recommended that I spin the crankshaft to make sure that the engine is no rusted or seized up. This is my first experience with inboards so any advise on this would be appreciated. My fall back is that I just purchased a new outboard for my Lancer last year and even if the inboard is worthless I could put a mounting bracket on the Ericson mount the outboard and go from there.

Any help or advise on this would be greatly appreciated. I have looked the keel, hull, and deck over quite well and can't find any evidence of cracks or stress that worry me. I do know this boat while in need of some TLC would be a step up from the Lancer in terms of space and amenities and I think this will work, but am always interested in others' opinions.

Here are two links to pages I have put up of pictures that I have taken if this helps. I know that two winches in the cockpit have disappeared, the batteries are gone, two instruments from the bulkhead have jumped overboard. Not sure where the fuel source for the galley stove would be (I do know there is a real debate of alcohol stoves if this is indeed an alcohol stove). Not sure where the fuel tank is because I am figuring that needs drained as well as the holding tank and every other tank to start fresh. Pictures of where this stuff is would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for any help that you can provide.

Patrick McGough
Apr 8, 2010
Ericson Yachts Olson 34 Portland OR
An "Atomic 4" is a gasoline fueled four cylinder engine. When you look at the engine, you will easily see if it's a one or two cylinder diesel - just don't confuse the glow plugs with a spark plug... :)
Not sure where the Middle River is, but you ought to host one of the Ericson owners for a beer and burger visit and ask some questions and take notes.
Or, just post up pictures on the EY.org site. That was popular model and other owners can ID the parts that are new to you.
I should note that putting an OB on a bracket would be really inconvenient on most *any* 30 foot hull, regardless of make.

Good boat! IIRC a sister ship to your E-30-2 did a singlehanded circumnavagation.

EY.org moderator

ps: your links did not show up. Not sure but this site may have a minimum message count before a poster can post up links or pics.
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