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1979 San Juan Bilge question ?

Apr 18, 2009
Newport MKIi 30' Channel Is. CA
I'm getting interested in a SJ 28. There's a pic of the bilge and there is no bilge pump or any holes, electrical or tubing for that matter. Just keel bolts. Can anyone give me insight on this. I am 1,000 miles from the boat until I move up to WA.
Jun 3, 2004
Hunter 34 Toronto, Ontario Canada
My SJ 24 had a bilge like that- about 4" deep, no pump or anything else- just the keel bolts. It was covered with a piece of teak veneer cut to fit and removable. I removed the water that would collect in it from time to time- leaks from outside i think- with a sponge. Guess that is the way SJ made them.
Oct 1, 2015
Clark San Juan 30 Blaine WA
There is a Couple of holes on the Port and Starboard side that water will flow in from and gathers in the bow I have mine located in the area ahead of the sani. tank water will stay there. that is the best spot for one but they don't generally get water on board unless you leave a hatch open or a chain plate leaks also the Rode storage area is in the bow it does allow water to stay in the bow I generally just use the pump out station lift the floor and suck the 12x12 boxes out when you get to the two with the holes in them then the water from the bow comes with it it takes about 20 min to complete the job. I have the 30 sl Model and almost the same as a 28 the icebox also will fill up those spaces as well I keep the auto Bilge pump in the lowest spot on the boat down under the engine compartment if I'm going to sink that is where the Pump should be don't really worry about those squares under the floor mine are dry 85% of the time I keep a wet Vac on the boat just to suck them out They are very good Boats for the Washington inland waters and cruising around the islands I take mine into the Ocean but it is build much more heavy than the 28 I would say about 2000 pounds heaver it handles Waves like a Champ no hard slamming when in heavy weather either and they sail Very well in light air I have a code 0 spinnaker I use with no pole for down wind it rides outside the fore stay and is quite large it runs back to almost the jib winch I love it down wind You will be more than Happy with a San Juan They are great Boats I have only sailed on a 28 once but I sure Love My 30 Have fun
Apr 11, 2016
San Juan 28 Comox
I purchased a 1983 San Juan 28 this spring and have been trying to get everything up to speed. It came with a bilge pump located by the keel bolts and I installed a low profile pump directly under the Yanmar Ym15 which is the low point by the engine.
Found some leaks on topside and had to replace the shaft and installed the PSS dripless systemic the shaft , I really recommend this, bilge and boat has been bone dry all summer.
I find it unusual that there would be no bilge pumps?? That is something that should be installed no matter what. You can have drains through the stern for pump out rather than mine which are just by the water line on the stern.
I typically use a portable icebox in the quarter berth rather than the built in model but that was piped into another cockpit drain right under the engine.
Other than that, I love the boat, it is a real hoot to sail and goes well in all conditions even in the waves.
There are many San Juan owners up in the Washington area as well so you will be able to get many helpful tips on these boats.
Hope it works out for you...

Vancouver Island
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