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1978 O'Day 30 Lost my swing keel, lost sliding hatch cover. Losing my mind! Boat name "Happy Days"

May 4, 2021
1978 O'Day 30' O'Day 30' Stuart
My mission is simple total refit sounds simple. If you say it slowly. My biggest problem has been finding various parts. I'm painting from top to bottom. So I removed everything topside. Portlight simply broke apart in my hands. Water tank plastic disintegrated. Comments hints or suggestions warmly welcomed. Truth be told I'm having a great time working out my issues on the boat. But help in locating various parts would help.
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
simple total refit
Those words should never be used together as typed in the sentence of a person of sound mind.

It is a day by day activity. A process. Some days are better than others. But as you say the work can be good time.

My discovery about parts, is that a boat from the 70's - un like a car - is a manufacturers hull and deck with a variety of other peoples parts assembled and floated.

I have long ago decided to not worry what part was originally installed, and now look for the parts that best solve the problem I have.

You may have to build the "swing keel" (center board) and the hatch cover if you cannot find one in a salvage yard. 385 boats were built between 1977 and 1984. You may find a boat of similar size and structure that you can use/modify to fit your need.

Consignment shops in South Carolina might help. But I would think with all the boats in Florida and the damaged boats storms past you might be sitting next to a gold mine.
Sep 24, 2018
O'Day 25 Chicago
For parts I would check with D and R marine, Mass Marine and IBXBoatworks.com. If you're not familiar with D&R, the owner, Rudy, was O'Day's parts manager. He has since kept our O'Day boats alive by working with the original suppliers that O'Day used. The IBX and Mass may have some salvage parts you're looking for.

The windows are quite brittle after 40 years of UV abuse. I have had some success glassing the pieces back together. If you're lucky, only one or two medium or large pieces will break off. Line them up with the window, tape it in place from the front, add some cardboard to the front if more support is needed, fill in the backside of the area to be repaired with resin, when it dries sand off any excess until you can't feel any bumps or voids and finally mask and paint the frame. Masking the frame is by far the most difficult part. You really need to get the tape between the frame edge and plexi as much as possible. I have a box of chipped window frames if you're looking for some