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135% Genoa On 25.5 Hunter ????

Dec 9, 2010
hunter 25.5 Camdenton
During a race Sat on Lake of The Ozark, MO I tore my jib sail. I put on a
roller furler 4 years ago. I had the old jib reworked to fit the furler. After the race I took the jib off and it is rotten, and not worth fixing.

I race this boat on Sat. and I was wondering if a 135% genoa would help?

How hard it is to tack a big sail like that?

Where would go to buy a new sail?

Jared Davis
Nov 26, 2012
Catalina 250 Bodega Bay CA
To many people try to mule haul a fore sail around when tacking. As you tack, let the wind shift it across for you. This is especially effective if your sail is more than 100%. Chief


Oct 5, 2013
Hunter 34 Mamaroneck, NY
Yes from an old dealer. It probably could take up to a 150. It depends on what is comfortable for you.
It will definitely take a 150 in light air. I have one on a 25.5 and at somewhere between 10 and 15 knots wind speed I have to reef the main or partially furl the jenny. It really depends on your typical wind speeds. Last summer on LI Sound I would have been happier with a 130.
Oct 3, 2006
Hunter 23 Philadelphia
I had a 110 and a 140 for my H23. What the boat can "take" when singlehanded is low, considering the lack of rail meat, people to look behind the sail, etc. I used that 140 almost exclusively for a while because it was the new sail, but when it got damaged and I had to use the high-cut 110, the difference was incredible. Visibility, ease of tacking, range of wind which is comfortable to sail in. Yes, perhaps the boat was slower in 2-10 knots of wind, but in light wind tacking the larger sail was a chore, so the sweet spot" of the bigger sail was a small range of windspeed.

In other words, the Hunter designers spent a lot of time deciding what the best sail for that boat is.

Consider adding a spinnaker or other sort of additional "light wind" sail if you want, but I'd keep to the original headsail size.
Nov 26, 2012
Catalina 250 Bodega Bay CA
I used a 175% DRIFTER (nlyon) on my Clipper Marine 26 with 600lb keel and I loved it! Just realize the sailor is the controlling factor; not the sail! Have you ever seen your wake under your keel? Thats planing! Takes a LOT of wind and testicles!
Jun 8, 2004
-na -NA Anywhere USA
Chief and Brian hit on a big point! Most people will put up a lot of sail, thinking they will go fast but in reality will not. I learned from a friend who use to race in the Mediterraiean and was considered one of the best. He taught me that you do not have to lean over because if you do, you will fight the rudder which will slow you down; therefore, it is sail control and less heel no more than 11-14 degrees. However you can put up to a 150 with roller furling, not hanked on for lighter airs but it is great to have a spinnaker as Chief pointed out. My friend said in most cases when boats are heeled way over as well, you have more wetted surface in the water; thus, more friction to slow you down forgetting the fact you are scarring the heck out of the others. His advice worked well for me.
Aug 5, 2009
Hunter h23 Dallas Tx.
We have 4 Hunter 25.5s at out marina and 2 have furling 135s and two have furling 150s. All do well in our light summer winds cruising and racing. I have a furling 135 and a furling 200 Gennaker on my Hunter 23. I agree it's the Captain that determines what sail in what wind is safe and comfortable
Apr 24, 2015
Hunter 25.5 Lake Wylie
We have a 25.5 and are very new to the boat (and really to sailing in general). Hope you don't mind me posting in this thread - but I'm wondering how I can tell if my headsail is a standard jib, or a 110, 120, 130, etc.. Are there measurements online that I could check?

Or maybe one of you more familiar with the 25.5 might be able to tell from a picture:

She was pretty neglected before we got her. Here's what the sails look like all cleaned up:

Dec 29, 2010
Hunter 25.5 Point Venture, TX
I have a 150 that came with my 25.5. In light air it works great, but I have found that oftentimes it is more sail than the 25.5 needs. And it is almost always a pain to tack.

Also, to provide for proper sheeting of the 150 I had to add over a foot of track to each jib fairlead track. (How the previous owner used the 150 without the longer tracks is a mystery.)

In addition, I am convinced that when the wind comes up the 150 can overload the Maxwell winches that were original equipment on the 25.5. On several occasions I have blown up the sheet winches when going to weather with the 150 up. Bottom line: I don't bend on the 150 unless the ducks are paddling past me.
Apr 13, 2014
Hunter 23.5 Jackson Bay Marina, Fort Gibson Lake
I sail with a 150 genoa, without a furler. It's not any harder to tack than the 110 jib that came with the boat. The hardest part is dragging the knot in the sheets across the standing rigging.