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    Universal M-12 Wiring

    I'm reinstalling my Universal M-12 two-cylinder diesel in my O'Day 272LE and coming up with extra wires. (Yes, I know, I should have taken more/better pictures BEFORE disassembly.) It's going together okay except for two things: 1) There is a yellow wire with a red stripe and a crimp-on...
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    Atomic A4 Drop-In Replacement

    Dear Sailors, Especially those familiar with the Pearson Triton, 10M etc that uses the red Atomic4 gasoline engine by Universal. My understanding is that they came out with a diesel replacement that has the same footprint for easy transmission hook-up and mounts. I have been told it is the...
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    Catalina 310 overheating

    2006 with M-25XPB universal. Raw water circuit is fine but the closed water circuit doesn't seem to be flowing. I take the ends off the heat exchanger and there is still standing water beneath the manifold cap. Is there something that would prevent water from draining from the manifold back...