1. DinghySailor

    winch & hatch cover recommendations

    The Barient 28 winches on our new-to-us C&C 37 are in great shape but lack winch covers. My Lewmar hatches also need protective canvas. Seeking recommended sources/ideas for winch and hatch covers.
  2. berner73

    Cleaning bird contributions off of canvas (warning: content may not be suitable for all audiences)

    Hopefully this post will help others in the future. Miserable season relative to our feathered friends (pictures below). The cormorants and osprey were relentlessly prolific in their activity all Summer long. Not just bird droppings but half eaten fish, guts, etc. If I had to guess, we spent...
  3. J

    Requesting pictures of v berth keystone cushion.

    Hello! First post on the forum! I was wondering if someone could help me out. I am in the process of making new cushions for my 1990 c30. The keystone piece in the v berth is unique in that it's stapled to the plywood. Can someone post pictures of the bottom and sides of their keystone...