1. A

    Design Specs for Galley shelves and/or cupboards

    Hey everyone, does anyone out there happen to have design specs for shelves and/or cupboards for the galley and the rest of a Macgregor 26? I'd really like to build my own due to the high price of ordering decent shelves and cupboards, and I haven't been able to find any specs online.Thanks
  2. Sean Sexton

    Cal 30 headroom

    Anybody out there know what the headroom is for a mark I Cal 30? So far, I've only found references to "full standing room".
  3. ryansk

    1993 Hunter 27

    Hi, I'm looking for technical drawings/diagrams for my 1993 hunter 27. Running rigging specs such as length of the lines, and where they run in the mast. Also the steering system. It has the inboard diesel and wheel steering. Any info or pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!