1. Captain Larry-DH

    Head mirror replacement project

    This is my old mirror (taped to control demo fragments). Yes I’m in for a lot of bad luck. :huh: I had tried cutting it off by sliding piano wire beneath, but the wire was totally ineffective against the adhesive. Destruction was the only option. You can see that the silvering was degraded at...
  2. Sacto Dave

    Rub rail insert replacement struggle

    maybe it is my heat intolerance, but this rub rail insert is a pain. Two inches at a time, this is as far as I got in an hour. My arms hurt and my fingers are sore. Pictures of the old and the new.
  3. Sailor_Jeff

    Project boat cost, value and risk. My thoughts

    Boat value and Risk. (Just my opinion) All boats have some risk and some value. When owning boats (sail or power) I learned an important lesson for internal happiness. Get a good quality ledger book for costs, just don't quite let the pencil actually touch the paper. It seems people who...