1. R

    Diesel engine identification

    I just bought a 1978 Morgan O/I with the YANMAR in it. I can't locate on the engine the exact ID. I believe it is a 2gm20, but am unsure of the rest. I need to find out so I can order all the filters, etc. I do have pictures of the engine from all different angles. Can anyone help me figure this...
  2. B

    Morgan 323 Rebuild

    So...Its been a rough couple weeks for me. My boyfriend of six years passed away on the 24th of August. We were planning to sail the great loop after I graduate. I decided I needed a project and bought his 1983 Morgan 32 (323?), including all parts to go with her. Essentially I bought a kit...
  3. M

    Morgan OutIsland 41 416 1983

    The teak walls of our sailboat are streaked in some areas, it's is if the stain was stripped in those places. Does anyone know what stain was used to get the dark teak stain color, or what stain can be substituted? Thanks
  4. G

    Morgan 45 Diesel Power

    I am looking for a boat to live aboard in the south and cruise the Caribbean. The Morgan 45 seems like a good prospect but I'm concerned that the 46 HP Yanmar may be under-powered for a 25,000 Lb. vessel. Does anyone have any experience with a similar set-up? Any thoughts, information, or...
  5. Kalo

    Rigging tension Pearson 35

    I am searching for standing rig tension specs. I have 1/4 forstay, aft and shrouds and 7/32 sways. Loos guide places at 1300 on 1/4 and 1000 on 7/32. I did this but I am hearing the lines strummed by 10-14mph winds at berth. Thanks in advance !