hull indentation

  1. B

    Capri 18 w/o Hull ID - Help??

    I recently bought a Capri18 and it does not have a hull id any place I have looked. Not on either side of transom and no indication it was removed. Fiberglass shows no signs of alteration. Looked along rub rail, cockpit and inside cabin and can not find anything. I bought it with a bill of sale...
  2. M

    Hull Oil Canning

    I own and sail a 1984 Catalina 30 in a large freshwater lake in MS. Because there are no facilities other than hiring a large and very expensive crane to pull boats, larger boats tend to stay in the water a long time between hauls. My boat has been in the water for 7 years. In preparation for...
  3. bcollis

    Hull indentation

    I have an 88 Hunter 30, and have it hauled out every other winter for storage and maintenance. During the haul last Monday, the marina guys noticed a large indentation under in the fiberglass under the shower pan area. I don't see any indication of the area hitting an underwater object, and it's...