hot water heater

  1. Copper Harbor

    C30 MKII Water Heater Wiring and Control

    Hello - I have now owned my 1987 Catalina 30 for just over one year. Since the COVID hit just after I bought it I did have the opportunity to change some engine hoses, fix a companion way/coach top leak, replace all lighting to LED, and other cosmetic issues. I really like this boat. So now I'm...
  2. P

    Engine coolant valve and water heater

    Hi, I'm going to replace my water heater. The photo shows the engine coolant lines that go to and return from the water heater. What is the circled valve for (I assume it's a valve), and will it help me when I replace the heater? Engine is a fresh water cooled Yanmar 3JH2E in a 1994...
  3. BBC16385

    Changing Engine Hoses to Hot Water Heater

    I have the 1997 Hunter P 42. The engine hoses to the hot water heater are leaking lots of coolant through numerous pin hole leaks. My service yard is unable to access the hoses for replacement. Has any P 42 owner had to do this? How? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.