1. 2021.04 Blue banner stripe

    2021.04 Blue banner stripe

    The 4-1/4"-wide banner stripe is a fixture of 1970s race yachts and deemed essential for Diana (so much that the 'Hunter by Cherubini' sticker was expressly designed to fit inside the stripe). Showing Diana with fine-line tape delineating the stripe and 'curtain' of paper to guard against drips.
  2. 2021.0514 Diana, stbd name

    2021.0514 Diana, stbd name

    Close-up of Diana's name graphic, designed by JC2 but realized (with detailed holly leaves) by Brenda at Night Owl Graphics, Croydon PA.
  3. 2018.12 Diana under Shrinkwrap

    2018.12 Diana under Shrinkwrap

    Excellent job done by Jer Masey of JDoc Marine, Delran NJ.
  4. 2021.05 Diana's mast stepping

    2021.05 Diana's mast stepping

    Super-sized forklift being used to step Diana's mast for first time in a VERY long time. Curtin Marina, Burlington NJ.
  5. 2021.0514 Diana's name

    2021.0514 Diana's name

    Diana's name graphic, as designed by JC2, realized by Night Owl Graphics of Croydon PA. Pic is confusing as neighbor's Chapparal motor boat's arch appears directly beyond! Showing green-painted plywood 'winter cover' replacing foredeck hatch. No; pic is not squashed; the boat really is this sleek!
  6. 2021.0513 U-bolt angle

    2021.0513 U-bolt angle

    showing preferred angle for having 5/16" or 8-mm stainless-steel Wichard/West Marine U-bolts bent for installation through factory toerail for use as chainplates for Hunter 25. Copy this; it works great.
  7. 2021.0526 Diana's logo

    2021.0526 Diana's logo

    Diana's custom logo graphics designed by JC2, produced by Night Owl Graphics of Croydon PA. 'Hunter by Cherubini' reissue sticker by Cherubini Art & Nautical Design; produced by Jetty of Manahawkin NJ.
  8. 2021.0520 Diana

    2021.0520 Diana

    Diana, with rig up and graphics on. Showing primary 1-7/8" 'roll bar' rail of solar-panel arch; awaiting (smaller) aft section of assembly.
  9. 2021.0525 Diana, port-side settee berth

    2021.0525 Diana, port-side settee berth

    showing 'varnish shop', mostly trim pieces of mahogany awaiting reinstallation after varnishing. Cushions are new. These are of 4" 'Lux' 50-lb foam - the best you can get. Custom-cut using electric steak knife (pretty much industry-standard method). Paper roll is for patterns.
  10. 2021.05 Diana's rig goes up

    2021.05 Diana's rig goes up

    JC2 and Matt Curtin of Curtin Marina stepping Diana's mast
  11. 2021.05 Diana with rig up

    2021.05 Diana with rig up

    This has been long in coming!
  12. 2021.05 Diana with new graphics

    2021.05 Diana with new graphics

    showing name graphics by Night Owl Graphics of Croydon PA. No handrails yet.
  13. CAND leadline 5-9-15

    CAND leadline 5-9-15

    My lead line for sounding bottom depths. Marked only at 5' (absolutely lowest water, given calm water); 9' (adequate at low water; given likelihood of swell/surge; 15' (adequate for 7-8-ft tidal change when sounded at any/unknown state of tide). Works great.
  14. CAND masthead tricolor light

    CAND masthead tricolor light

    Custom two-bulb masthead light assembly by JC2. No-one makes an LED tricolor light for smaller boats; yet this is even more vital on a smaller boat than on a 35- or 40-footer. Red/green/white nav light below all-round anchor light (not the reverse, which makes no sense).
  15. 2021.0425 Diana, hull paint

    2021.0425 Diana, hull paint

    starboard-bow view of Diana in final coat of Brightside white
  16. 2021.0421 Diana, final paint

    2021.0421 Diana, final paint

    After looking far and wide (and offering $100/day) for anyone to help, I said 'shove it' to everyone and applied the Brightside (at best a two-person job) myself. Good enough; and DONE. - JC2
  17. 2021.0527 Diana, stbd quarter

    2021.0527 Diana, stbd quarter

    showing custom hull logo, designed by JC2 and produced by Night Owl Graphics of Croydon PA
  18. shaun12345

    Cut off instrument mounts on steering pedestal?

    I’ve got a 1980 Hunter 30 Cherubini that I’m doing a steering pedestal overhaul on. As part of this I‘ve removed the two big instrument enclosures on either side of the pedestal that housed broken LCD displays for depth and speed - I can get this info off the Garmin display that will mount on...
  19. M

    Mystery protrusion on starboard side of hull 1976 Hunter 25

    I recently acquired a sailboat and noticed a small protrusion about 5x5in, under the starboard side of the hull in front of the keel. I have heard a few things, the one closest is that it is the plug to seal the toilet that is located above in the cabin The original toilet was removed some time...
  20. C

    Which control cables for 1981 Hunter 33?

    I have a 1981 Hunter 33 (Cherubini). I need a new set of control cables for the throttle and shifter. Can anyone tell me the correct type and length of cable to purchase, or point me to a resource where I can look it up? Thanks in advance.