1. Klaussic

    Prout Catamarans

    Hello Everybody, I am in the market for a sailboat and I am currently evaluating a number of options. I normally like to start with a smaller mono hull, but when I looked at them and stepped into the cabin, I almost felt like in a shoebox. Thus, I have started looking at cruisers with a minimum...
  2. E

    Aquilon 265/800 trailerable cat

    Has anyone had any experience with an Aquilon 265? I’ve done some extensive google searching and have come up with some manufacture info on the cat but not many reviews, pros/cons. Any help would be awesome!
  3. J

    30' - 42' catamaran tour or sail

    Greetings fellow sailors. My wife and I will be visiting family in San Diego county July 16th through July 23rd and are looking to become live aboards. We are hoping while in the San Diego area one of you might own or know of someone who owns a sailing cat between 30' & 42' in length that we...
  4. DennisonBerwick

    Checklist for Saildrives

    If you have a saildrive, you may find this 6-page Checklist for Saildrives useful. Covers Maintenance, Lay-up and Recommission.