1. J

    Help with B&G systems

    Hey everyone, I have a S2 9.2c and we currently have a B&G Vulcan 7 chart plotter. Recently the depth has stopped displaying. I thought it was the NMEA 2000 cable that had some water and oxidation but I replaced the cable and the depth doesn’t show. If you have any suggestions on what to fix...
  2. M

    Interfacing B&G MFD with Raymarine X5 autopilot?

    Looking for advice as I upgrade the old electronics on my Ericson 30+. Currently have a Raymarine X5 autopilot that is working fine. Remainder of instruments (wind, depth, speed) are basically not working. Have an Openplotter Raspberry Pi system providing GPS to VHF as well as picking up AIS on...
  3. tjar

    New GPS

    Looking at replacing my old Garmin GPSmap 492 as it seems to have finally bit the dust. I'm considering some affordable options to either replace it with another stand alone GPS, or getting something that can integrate with my other old systems. Is anybody familiar with the B&G Zues2...