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TV replacement project

Discussion in 'Big Boats' started by RWSlater, Jan 24, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. RWSlater


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    Hunter 45CC
    US Ft Pierce and Abaco Bahamas
    So I buy a 2007 Hunter 45 CC and find out the OEM 23" Solé TV is not capable of receiving digital TV signals. The previous owner installed a digital TV antenna at the mast head but was never able to use that function. It plays DVDs and can display the chart plotter only. So bought a new Westinghouse 32" TV for $99 at Best Buy. I then removed the Solé off the wall bracket and discovered it uses an S-Video cable..UGH (that shows its age!) and the red and white audio RCA cables. Problem is the TV I bought doesn't have an S-Video connection (that shows its age also), but does have the VGA input and several HDMI inputs. So then I go on Amazon and buy an S-Video to HDMI adapter. Next problem was the bracket that mounted on the old TV was smaller than what would work on the new TV. So I fabricate a wooden mount and attach the old mount to it. Next problem was the power plug coming to the old Solé TV uses a plug similar to a power plug into a PC laptop, and the new TV uses a regular fixed two prong plug, so I go back on Amazon and get an adapter for that. I also bought a 1' VGA extension cord and already had a short coaxial cable to make sure it the cables will reach the new TV inputs (the cables in the boat are fixed and there no easy way to lenghening them). I'm waiting for the one VGA extension cord and will finish the assembly and take it down to the boat and give it a whirl. Any bets whether it all works???

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  2. Justin_NSA


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    Been there. Stop beating yourself up. Get rid of the old DVD player and get a $30 Blu-Ray player with HDMI out. Eliminate the adapters, converters etc.

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  3. RWSlater


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    Hunter 45CC
    US Ft Pierce and Abaco Bahamas
    Yeah I considered that but I dreaded the thought of pulling down the headliner and snaking new wires, and and and. ... I can't even see how the cables get from the DVD player and up to the ceiling. I invistioned screwing up the headliner, tearing it or not being able to get it back in place.

  4. Justin_NSA


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    Oh right. Mine don't go in the ceiling. That's a problem.

  5. Slipin Away

    Slipin Away

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    Hunter 45cc
    US Florida
    I ran new wires from Bose to TV external from port to starboard above and behind door in forward cabin and into light housing above sink, from inside wood housing I was able to drill a new hole behind TV and bring new wires

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  6. RWSlater


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    Hunter 45CC
    US Ft Pierce and Abaco Bahamas
    Well if this retrofit doesn't work, I may be doing that. I've got my fingers crossed it works

  7. Benny17441


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    All that is needed to receive a digital signal in an analog TV is a $20 converter box available from any online retailer. It connects between the coaxial antenna cable and the antenna input for the TV. It will require a 120V receptacle for the box which is easily serviced through an inverter or shore power. I do understand perhaps the need to upgrade the TV as it seems that every 4-5 years the technological advances make the older ones dull if not obsolete. We just went to a 4K Ultra High Definition TCL- Roku 32" for $125. A bit of an overkill with the WIFI streaming functions unavailable underway but perhaps within a couple of years we may have a hot spot on board. Sometimes it is best just to abandon old wiring and configure a new wiring scheme and installation.

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  8. RWSlater


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    Hunter 45CC
    US Ft Pierce and Abaco Bahamas
    All good information Benny, thanks very much. I think some day I will be putting in a newer DVD and will have to explore how to run the wiring. Hopefully this holds me over a little while until I get more comfortable with removing the headliner.

  9. ChrisCRNA


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    Hunter 410
    - Kentucky Lake, Kentucky
    Did this work for you? We have a new to us 2006 45CC. We want to upgrade the tv as the Solé is very outdated. What kind of apadter did you get for the power cord.

  10. Jeff Jellick

    Jeff Jellick

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    Hunter 45 CC
    US Alamitos Bay, Long Beach
    Our 2005 Hunter 45 CC came with the same TV set-up. However the Sol'e TV furnished by Hunter was powered by a small inverter located on the starboard side inside of the forward cabin, (V berth), where the hanging locker is located.


  11. RWSlater


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    Hunter 45CC
    US Ft Pierce and Abaco Bahamas
    It works great. I searched Amazon I believe (I just checked and can't find it now) but it was an adapter that was about 2 inches long and plugged into the OEM power cord from the ceiling, and the other end accepted the power cord that was connected from the TV.
    I only now wish I could get the audio from the TV to go through the Bose speakers in the main saloon area. I'm sure it can be done, I just hate having to get up into the headliner to run a new autio cable

  12. RWSlater


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    Hunter 45CC
    US Ft Pierce and Abaco Bahamas

  13. Beverly55


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    J-Boat J/24
    Ca Home
    Check amazon or eBay.

  14. Velero49


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    Hunter 49
    US 123
    If your Sole tv has 2 tv antenna inputs, it will handle digital signal. You will have to program the input type in the setup menu. I contacted Sole and they were very helpful resetting the tv for digital signal. On the other hand. I replaced my 23 with a 30 or 32 Visio that fits in the same space.

  15. Terry Cox

    Terry Cox

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    Hunter Passage 42
    US Shelter Bay, WA
    Our 1991 original tube Panasonic with built in VHF player died awhile ago. Debated whether to upgrade to a flat screen. Seemed to be a rather complicated conversion so I did some shopping and found a similar, very nice newer Panasonic with built in VHF player for $12 at our local Goodwill store. No necessary cabinet or electrical modifications, just plug and play. Maybe someday this newer one will die, but until then we can still enjoy our old VHF tapes and newer DVDs in the player I installed several years ago.

  16. Gatch30


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    Hunter 45CC
    US Lake Erie, Sandusky Bay
    I also have a 45CC and did the same project very close to the same sequence. I ended up pulling the headliner down, actually quite easy, and running new cabeling. While I was doing it I did it all. I ran cat 5, hdmi, power, and everything else you can think of. The power comes from the bilge area, under the hanging cabinet, behind the Bose.

    The wiring gets a little tight where it runs over the wall from the forward stateroom to just behind the compression post.

    I went all the way with to the aft stateroom, with mine. I installed a flat screen on the wall, right of the door to the aft head. I picked up the electric for that unit from the microwave plug.

    It’s a great winter project. Good luck.

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  17. RWSlater


    Joined Nov 19, 2009
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    Hunter 45CC
    US Ft Pierce and Abaco Bahamas
    Wow I would love to put a TV in the aft stateroom right where you did. With all the wireless stuff out these days I think you wouldn’t need anything more than power to the TV. I wish I knew you could receive digital antenna signals on the old Sole TV. I Probably wouldn’t have done anything l

  18. JamesG161


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    I think I followed all this thread.
    I did the same thing by up grading the PO's tiny HDTV to a 32" LED Magnavox. All the same issues as you, but I did it in one shot.

    I am not bragging, but want to correct one minor assumption you have made.


    S-Video will convert to HDTV

    VGA will NOT convert to HDTV. It will do standard TV just fine.

    I may have missed how your Digital TV antenna connects, but it needs to support HDTV or you will get
    Standard Digital TV and not HDTV.

    Last thing I added to one of my HDMI [HDTV] inputs to my 32" Magnavox is...

    Apple TV

    Now in 4K. [mine just 1080p now]
    Talk about 4K High Definition!!!
    Here is one surprise I didn't realize when I set ours up.

    My 32" ≈ 15A at 120VAC.:yikes::yikes:

    Not so good on using the Inverter on House Batteries, and when cruising using the Generator for cabin amenities while at anchor, charging took 4 hours with TV on, versus ≈1 hour with TV off.:rolleyes:

    Oh well so much for planning ahead.


  19. DayDreamer41


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    Hunter 41 DS
    Un Port Huron
    15A @ 120 V wow, I just looked up the specs on a 28" Samsung and it states a max wattage of 45 which is more like I would expect.

  20. artboas


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    ca toronto
    Respectfully, something is wrong with your measurements. Briefly going to the manufacturer's site, they claim power consumption of approx 50 watts.
    15 Amps @ 120 volts is 1800watts. We're talking about a large space heater.
    So... methinks that something is amiss.