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Tightening or replacing the screws that hold the companionway hinges on the 310

Discussion in 'Catalina 310' started by Jacksail, May 10, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Jacksail


    Joined Jan 22, 2008
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    Catalina 310
    77 Lucky Girl US Atlantic Highlands NJ NJ
    I noticed that the hinges on the Cabin sole that support the companion way steps are loose and need to be replaced. I do not want to just put in larger screws, because that never lasts. What I want to do is put new screws in and secure them under the sole with lock washers and nuts. My problem is how to access those screws. Has anyone done this and how did you do it?
    Thanks in advance

  2. jssailem


    Joined Oct 22, 2014
    5,944 posts, 2,089 likes
    CAL 35 Cruiser
    US Salem, Moored Port Everett WA
    Jack, give @LeslieTroyer a PM shout. He just redid his Catalina 36 sole and may have an idea that will help you.

  3. JK_Boston_Catalina310


    Joined Nov 18, 2010
    1,956 posts, 81 likes
    Catalina 310
    US Hingham, MA

    I had no luck trying to do the same. So I over drilled the area and filled it with Six10. After it was setup I drilled and tapped it and put machine screws in that were about 2 inches long. I also went back to using the strap from the bulkhead.

    Good luck

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  4. LeslieTroyer


    Joined May 20, 2016
    1,677 posts, 569 likes
    Catalina 36 MK1
    US Everett, WA
    Look at rivnuts. When you get the right grip length they really hold. I use Stainless on sole screws that failed and they really hold. They are like pop-rivets but the center is threaded


  5. leo310


    Joined Dec 15, 2006
    85 posts, 29 likes
    Catalina Catlina 310
    CA Campbell River BC
    Had the same problem. What I did was drill a larger hole glued in a hard wood pug and screwed the hinges back inplace

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  6. Jacksail


    Joined Jan 22, 2008
    7 posts, 1 likes
    Catalina 310
    77 Lucky Girl US Atlantic Highlands NJ NJ
    Thanks everyone. I like the idea about filling the holes, then re drill.

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