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Selden Mast Forestay Attachment Recall

Discussion in 'Big Boats' started by Larry Jackel, Apr 14, 2012. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Larry Jackel

    Larry Jackel

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    Yesterday Lockwood Boatworks did the repair. They got the part from Selden many weeks ago, but the rigger wanted to wait until my boat was launched to do the work. (I got a late launch this year due to my own non-boat related issues.) Lockwood's rigger said the job was straightforward and praised both the quality of Selden masts and their product support. The old attachment looked fine --- there was no evidence of cracking or bad welding.

  2. H49Bill


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    I turned in my claim registratoin complete with contact information for my rigger. I didn't hear back from Selden but my rigger called me wiithin few weeks advisng he had been supplied with the parts and asked to schedule the work. I'm recalliing this having been well over a year ago.