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Reed Creek, Chesapeake Bay

Discussion in 'Destinations' started by Ron20324, Oct 11, 2017 at 12:14 PM. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Ron20324


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    US Annapolis MD
    Has anyone gone into Reed Creek, off the Corsica River, off the Chesapeake Bay this year? How tricky was the entrance? Going this weekend.

  2. Mulf


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    Hunter 410
    US Chester, MD (Kent Island)
    Its been a couple years since we have been in there, but it is not bad to enter and is a very nice place once inside. Read any of the cruising guides about the entrance. Basically the task is to follow the deep water, it just isn't in a straight line. Enjoy!

  3. njlarry


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    US Rock Hall, Md
    Hi Ron. I tried it once but chart, chart plotter and tablet all showed something different so I chicken out and went over to Langford. But a friend with a Catalina 400 regularly goes there and loves it.
    Also in the area is the Cosica and Queenstown. Queenstown is one of my favorite anchorages. Some people find the noise from rt 50 a problem but we have never noticed it. It is a straight shot in but shoals all the time so I wouldn't recommend it over 5 ft draft or near a low tide. But it is serene and has a town dinghy dock that I have read takes you to a small general store and ice cream.
    Enjoy Reed creek. We are planning for the Magathy or Swan creek.
    Good luck and enjoy the warm fall weather.

  4. ronbo


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    gozzard 44B mkll
    US md
    That’s what makes Reed Creek so desirable, it’s tricky to get in, so remains uncrowded. Take your time, follow your updated charts, remember for next time.

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