Nissan 8hp

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    Just wondering if anyone knew how to hook up the start and stop buttons on this motor. It currently is set up for remote controls. Like at a console. I want to take it back to the stet and stop on the motor itself. Where could I find these parts also. West marine ?

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    The Nissan is made by Tohatsu and parts are mostly interchangeable.

    WM is one expensive option. Do an internet search for Nissan outboard parts. You'll get a bunch of options.

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    It may sound odd but look for nonmarine Nissan websites. I needed some parts for an old Suzuki outboard and I found the parts at for like 75% cheaper then at a boat specific web vendor.

Gray ports and parts
The most popular port on boats built from the 70s into the 90s.
Mainsail covers
Pre-patterned mainsail covers to fit your boat
Merriman pedestal control head
Finally, an aluminum replacement for this YS Merriman part.
Gray Enterprises port gasket
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