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Newbie Hunter 260 Headstay Foil Extrusion & Winterizing

Discussion in 'Mid-Size Boats' started by h2o_snow, Nov 28, 2016. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. h2o_snow


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    Hunter 260
    US Lucky Peak, ID
    Idaho greetings - brand new H260 owner - just towed up from CA this weekend (1,045 miles w/ 20mph crosswinds the last 200 - whoopa!) We are getting ready for covered winter storage.

    Sails are usable but will be sent out for some repairs. Found our headstay foil extrusion is cracked and needs replacing. Thoughts/ideas on this job and a parts source?

    Winterizing for a freezing climate? Obviously batteries, engine, cassette toilet, bilge and water system (pressurized). I ran the drinking water dry through the faucets. Is there a good way to drain the tank completely? Did not see a dump valve. Without I'm hesitant to run RV antifreeze through there. Also - bilge access - want to make sure its completely dry. Suggestions?

    Sorry for the newbie questions - we come from a beach cat background. Have done a bunch of crewing on bigger boats but this is our first craft with "systems".

    Thanks much! JT More

  2. dziedzicmj


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    Catalina 270
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    There is a sticky post in the plumbing forum that talks about winterising.
    No need to run antifreeze through your tank, but it make sense to run it through the fresh water pump (disconnect on the intake side and connect a hose with a bucket of AF). Blow the water out of the lines, run AF through them and blow them again with air (from a compressor).
    The tanks will be fine - water can expand there without an issue.

    You probably have an outboard motor, so you can take it home, if you want. Make sure that the cooling system is flushed and dry.

    Disconnect batteries - there is a recent thread on that.

    good luck

  3. h2o_snow


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    Hunter 260
    US Lucky Peak, ID
    Thanks - great idea for the water pump. May be a good idea with the bilge pump as well.
    Took care of the motor this am - it will stay with the boat.
    Batteries to be removed, stored warm and trickle charged.
    Looking forward to spring!

  4. bmorr


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    Hunter 26
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    You may have solved this already.
    On my H26 the extrusion was cracked 8 years ago when I bought the boat and I tried all sorts of repairs. This year I contacted CDI and they sold me a new one along with an updated cap for the top.
    Taylor Warren at CDI, 1036 Waverley St Winnipeg MB, R3T0P3, (844)379-2407 was my contact. He was very helpful
    cost was 247 for extrusion, 75 for top fitting and 46.75n for freight


  5. h2o_snow


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    Hunter 260
    US Lucky Peak, ID

    Yes, ordered a new extrusion and replaced it the spring of 2017. Think the cost was similar. Thanks!


  6. Crazy Dave Condon

    Crazy Dave Condon

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    It is better than buying a new FF2 CDI system.
    May I suggest posting in Small Boats as most 26/260 owners generally post there.
    The key to battery storage is to disconnect wires and if storing on ground , place them on boards. Not sure why but on ground and concrete they go bad. Forget leaving on a charge for the winter
    Assuming outboard motor, drain fuel out of carb. Run engine till runs out of gas and then unscrew bottom bolt of carb to drain fuel. Dump gas. Suggest into car fuel to be used. Put fogging oil into spark plug holes. Store engine upright. Put new spark plugs in.
    What other systems do you have.
    Do leave the water ballast tank valve open to include and air vent to.
    If covering the boat, am not a fan using the mast as a support for a cover but if insistent put many supports under it as a new mast is costly