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New to us. A million questions.

Discussion in 'Mid-Size Boats' started by myrtlebeachmohican, Feb 18, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. myrtlebeachmohican


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    oDay 27
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    My fiancé and I have been living on an oDay 27 and just purchased a hunter 34. Nothing left aboard other than the mess from previous owners and staff from marina picking through and grabbing whatever.
    Many things are new to us, the pressure water system. On board refrigerator, and HOT water!!
    No manuals to be found and at day 2 of going through the systems, we would like to know where to start with locating info on said systems?
    Thank you in advance!

  2. RajinCajun


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  3. shemandr


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    Enjoy. That will be a nice step up from the 27.

  4. kloudie1


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    Hunter 34
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    A fine boat that you'll enjoy.. Welcome !
    Glad to answer questions.. I've owned my 34 since 1991 .. Allan is the original owner of his .. Lots of foks on the site that have experience with the 34.. Again, Welcome..

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  5. Capt Robbie

    Capt Robbie

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    Welcome to the H34 gang
    This forum has lots of info and downloads I would start by downloading from the Hunter archives the original owners manual it's a very clean copy of the basic systems and components
    Plumbing, electrical, rigging and so on.
    I am one of the few original owners of my 1983 H34 on this forum, I literally have watched my boat as it was being constructed in the Florida factory 35 years ago.

    I'm am sure that if you have any questions about anything on this boat you can most certainly find the answered here. As someone else has posted Allan is also a great source here as well.
    Again welcome and good luck the h34 is a great boat.

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  6. Charlie98117


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    Good to see you found your way here. A couple of comments:
    First, the 34’s didn’t come with refrigerators so you won’t find any info on that in the archives. I’d be curious to see how the PO did it since I am considering adding this to my boat.
    Second, the photo you put up on Facebook showed a battery charger in the starboard cockpit locker. That is an awkward place for that to be located since you need all the clearance you can get to drop your body down into that hold. Unless the PO gave up on that access route and cut a hole in the aft berth.

    Enjoy the adventure cleaning up and figuring out what you have to work with. Hopefully you got a good deal and have some budget left to fix her up. The 34 is a great sailing boat that I’m sure you are going to enjoy.