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New Sail Sticker Shock

Discussion in 'The Cherubini Hunters' started by lingerfeltja, Nov 9, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. jwing


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    Precision is not a USA company. They are a Canadian outfit that brokers sails made in Asia. After the factory has sewn enough sails for a shipment, they send them all at once to a USA distribution point, where there are uncrated, then put into domestic delivery services.

    I bought a new main for Myrl from them. Since it was my first new sail and I knew so little, I bought their least expensive line, with a few optional features. I'm happy with the quality, but what do I know? Wilson got new sails from Precision this year and her owners are happy with them and will recommend Precision if asked.

    I have two recommendations: 1) If you choose to buy from Precision, order now for use next spring. Disregard any lead time estimate; they don't control when the sails gets built or shipped. Myrl's sail was late; Wilson's were timely. 2) If you are into tweaking the sail shape, get the loose-footed mainsail. If you do that, then consider the clew attachment. I had Precision put a slug on the clew, but it does not work well. See this thread:

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    My understanding of FX, for the 'custom made' sails, is that they are US made, utilizing spare capacity in US lofts, in Ohio and Florida. Mine was US made.

  3. Ward H

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    +1 for Hyde Sails Direct. Great service and impressive build quality.

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    This is a great analogy and one that fits perfectly

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  6. Warren Milberg

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    Whatever route you take in replacing sails, measure twice, buy once....
    While stock sailplans may work adequately on a number of boats, you can never go wrong in measuring your boat's dimensions prior to ordering any type of sail.

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    I'm buying new sails for my 37C. 110 Jib and main about 4500. Not a bad price for a new SOFT engine.

  8. lingerfeltja


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    Yoms1984 - From whom did you order your new sails? Thank you.