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ID Newport Model

Discussion in 'Newport' started by Jazzydaze, Jan 2, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

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    Finally got back to the boat and had a productive day. Anchor is all set except Im not getting how the chain and rode pass out of the little anchor locker? Seems there should be a notch in the lid. I wrapped the atomic exhaust in titanium cloth to reduce heat, got my speed log and depth meter working as best I can tell on the hard. I added a cheapie battery monitor temporarily and figured out the on board charger. Also epoxied a small divot in the keel but that didnt harden too well. Maybe itll be good to sand next time i go up there. It was coooold and a long night on the boat. Glassed the bilge last time and it looks decent. There was about an inch of water in it. The keel divot is the last show stopper. Im on a couple waiting lists for a slip in gig so im hoping something gives there and I can bring her home.

    On another note..ive heard you can anchor in gig for 90 days in any one year. Can anyone confirm this??


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