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Hunter 380 Inverter/Charger replacement

Discussion in 'Ask A Hunter Owner' started by PowerWinch, Aug 26, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. PowerWinch


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    Hunter 380
    US Fort Pierce, Fl
    My Freedom 20 that came with the boat only puts out 90 volts when inverting. I'm looking at 2000w replacements, but the space under the port settee is limited. Magnum and Go power pure sine inverter/chargers are two I've been looking at. They are bigger than the Freedom 20. The installation manuals for them call for more room for ventilation than is currently available under the settee. Perhaps I need to modify the space to make more room for ventilation and still keep it separate from the batteries.

    What have 380 owners done to replace their Freedom 20s? Which units have you used?

  2. M_Michaels


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    Hunter 380
    US Port Clinton, Ohio
    I installed a Victron Multi-Plus Compact 12/2000/80 inverter in my Hunter 380. Mounted it on the bulkhead wall in the forward closet. That keeps it away from the batteries. Great warranty on these units. I can start and run my AC unit on the hook with just a Honda portable generator. The Victron kicks in and adds the needed amps to start my AC unit.

  3. artboas


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    Go with Magnum
    Excellent high quality unit.

  4. Maine Sail

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  5. The Book of Sail

    The Book of Sail

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    Hunter 356
    Us Apollo beach
    If you would like to buy a Freedom 20 Charger Inverter, I have one to sell. Charges at 100 Amps, inverts at 2000 watts. I have the controler to it too. I'm in Tampa
    The Book of Sail aka "The Book"

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