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Hoist for dinghy motor

Discussion in 'Smaller Boats' started by Fred, Sep 2, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Fred


    Joined Sep 27, 2008
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    Hunter H26
    CA Nepean Sailing Club
    I would like to install a hoist for my 4hp dingy motor ( less than 50 lbs) on my H26.

    A) I would love to see some pictures of H26 boats with a hoist installed

    B) I'm thinking to build one myself from 1 inch SS tubing to avoid the approx $600 costs that I've seen online. Has anyone done this?

  2. njlarry


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    O'Day 34-At Last
    US Rock Hall, Md
    I think that your best value may be with garhualer marine. Check vertical and horizontal clearance. The garhualer is about half the price you mention and is all stainless. A 4hp is not that heavy on solid ground but a hoist makes handling it a lot easier and safer.

  3. LeslieTroyer


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    Catalina 36 MK1
    US Everett, WA
    I like my It's 400 but requires a bigger footprint on the stern.

  4. Madelon


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    Macgregor 26S
    US Davis, CA
  5. Johann


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    What about using your mast crutch? Or getting same size Al tubing from some place like and use the existing crutch location for the hoist. That would make the install easy I think.

  6. Fred


    Joined Sep 27, 2008
    396 posts, 32 likes
    Hunter H26
    CA Nepean Sailing Club
    Thanks for all the feedback.

    Johann... I considered that idea however I would have to move my BBQ and my motor is mounted on the port side of the boat (on stern rail) so a hoist would require a long reach.

    Has anybody installed these hoists on an H26 or H260? Any pics?

  7. SeaTR


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    US Groton
    I use my boom (on the topping lift) to lift / lower my 4 HP (4 cy) Tohatsu dinghy engine. I have a 4:1 tackle clipped from the end of the boom to a harness on the engine using 2 double blocks. This next season I'm swapping out the double block on the boom with a fiddle & cam cleat to improve handling.