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Grade of Aluminum Used for Mast and Booms

Discussion in 'Ask A Catalina Owner' started by Adam D, Jun 6, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Adam D

    Adam D

    Joined Sep 8, 2017
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    Catalina 22
    Ca Harrison Lake
    I cracked the boom on my 1986 Catalina 22 and need to do some welding repairs. Does anyone know what aluminum grade the factory used to make the extrusions? I'm guessing 6061. Can anyone confirm?

  2. JRacer


    Joined Aug 9, 2011
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    Beneteau 310
    US Cheney KS (Wichita)
    I had to do some repairs on my B310 mast a couple years ago. I contacted the mast manufacturer, which was not Beneteau, and spoke to their "rigger" who got information from their shop people (welder). They gave me the detail of the material and the specific welding rod specs to pass on to my welder. So, unless your mast/boom is labeled as to the manufacturer, I suggest you contact Catalina. I assume given the HIN, they can tell you who supplied the extrusions. In some cases you will have to do some sleuthing as many of the mast manufacturers from that era have changed hands one or more times but most are still around in one way, shape or form. Good luck with it.

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