Galley plans?

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  1. PSR


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    My 27 has the traditional layout, and the POs removed the galley and replace it with a custom cabinet with no icebox and no stove (photo attached). They intended to use her for day sailing only, and the cabinet is very nice for that purpose only. I want to return the galley to a cruising configuration, though, possibly with refrigeration, and with a one burner origo alcohol stove. It would be helpful to have plan drawings of the original galley, and I have asked Catalina Yachts if they have them. I thought someone on this forum may already have such drawings, so I'm checking, while I wait to hear from CY.


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  2. Stu Jackson

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    You don't have to wait.

    Go to CY website, upper tabs, archive brochures. You have to register for free to access them.

    The brochures have the diagrams as well as pictures.

  3. PSR


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    Architectural views....

    Thanks! The brochure is nice & specs are interesting, and I have them in my files. I'm looking for "architectural" plans, with orthographic views so I can construct the volume into which I need to put the parts. I'm guessing the drawings never existed, but thought I'd try. And maybe someone else has done the drawings for remodeling and would be willing to share....

    I've been working with Sketchup to create the 3D model for this section of the hull, but I'm just not very facile with the program, especially with the shape of the hull.

    Just looking for a break.:)

  4. smitty225


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    I’d love to see more pics of the existing galley!

  5. RoyS


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    Usually it is best to have the galley sink closer to the centerline of the boat so that it does not fill with seawater when heeled.

  6. PSR


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    Ok Smitty. Here are a couple of photos of the remade "galley":
    The last photo is recent, after I moved the DC wiring and put in the sliding doors to the hull. The rest I took in 2013, right after I bought the boat. I put "Galley" in quotes because it has nothing but the sink-no ice box, no stove. I've worked on ideas to revise the counter without too much new woodwork to get an icebox and space for the stove. Here's an interesting item:
    It would fit on the aft side of the galley and has a nice ice box. It comes from restaurant equipment suppliers (BK-DIBHL-2118-P-G Drop-In Ice Bin Chest with Sink & Faucet). The problem is that it weights 46 lbs, which is a lot of weight to add.

  7. JetLaggedChef


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    Have you made any progress on the updated galley? I'd love to see pics.

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