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Fuel tank replacement

Discussion in 'Catalina 30' started by dnimigon, Jan 5, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. dnimigon


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    Catalina 30
    US PVR
    I’ve purchased a new fuel tank for my 1979 Cat 30. What is the best way to remove the old one. I see the screws holding it down but also someone has glassed it in around the edges. Not sure if this was from the factory or not. Is it okay to cut this out while in the water. I assume it would be. Also will it come out using the access area. My Cat has lots of cupboards around this area. I’ll be running new fuel lines also. Someone had added a second tank, about 5 gallons to the left of the original. There’s access there to small tank and original tanks to the right. Guess they had a problem at one time. Plus they have 2 fuel shut offs now below the steps. Fuel lines running everywhere. Quite a mess i think. I’ll try and grab some pics today to post.

  2. The Garbone

    The Garbone

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    1978 Catalina 30
    US Wilbur-by-the-Sea
    I replaced my tank with one I ordered from Catalina Yachts (they sent the original specs to their supplier for my hull). It had two tabs on each side that had 2 screws each holding it to the plywood board that was tabbed to the hull. If you have tabbing on the metal tank my guess is a previous owner did it.

    I installed and removed the tank thru the opening in the quarter berth fairly easily. Replaced all the hoses and including the filler hose and vent tube that runs to the transom.

  3. hvbaker


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    Catalina 30 mkII
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    830977E5-935E-467C-9735-4313C15C12D2.jpeg 1CBA9E01-FD22-4D7C-9B22-14500FA40B5F.jpeg

    I cut old tank out and epoxyed aluminum stock to the hull and bolted the new tanks to the aluminum stock that was epoxyed to the hull.

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  4. dnimigon


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    Catalina 30
    US PVR
    Awesome pictures. Thank you. I was thinking of doing the same for mounting new tank. How come your area around tank is so clean looking. Should see this one we have. God, so many wires, hoses, pipes running every which where. Got to sort it all out one day. So many different mods over the years I guess. Something quit, run new wires, leave old ones in etc.

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