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Erickson 25, 1977 - Ready to buy, I have questions?

Discussion in 'Ericson' started by Hollymae D, Apr 21, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Hollymae D

    Hollymae D

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    Erickson 25
    US Atlantic City, NJ Atlantic City
    My husband and I are are preparing to purchase the above boat. I am a little confused I see the center board weighs 2,000 or 2,500 pounds?? The boat weighs 6-7,000 pounds, ???

    Curious what do you use to lift the centerboard?

    The centerboard in the boat has not been lowered ever since this owner has had it. What have any of you done to release the board. We will see the boat for the first time Tuesday. If all goes well we will take ownership. The centerboard concerns me.

    Are there other things that should concern me when looking at this boat?

    Thank you in advance.

  2. Ron20324


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    It's a concern of the PO if the board does not drop. See how well it works after he fixes it.

  3. SG


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    Anything else to worry about? The boat is over 34 years old. (The were last made in 1978.)

    When you say the Owner says he never lowered the centerboard, that could be indicative of a lot things. To me, it's indicative of some combination of disinterest, lack of use of the boat, or just prevarication. (e.g., if you bough a used car and the previous owner said: I don't know if the electric windows work in the back seats -- or maybe the sunroof.)

    The "ballast" on the Ericson 25 is 2,500 pounds of lead. The centerboard is hydro dynamically balanced -- it probably weighs less than 200 pounds -- it's balanced so that you have to pull it up. You should be able to pull it up with a small block and tackle or winch (or even with some muscle work). If the centerboard is "jammed", it could have growth in the "trunk" that has "crudded it up" -- or it could be bent or broken.

    I think you should pay to have a surveyor look at the boat.

    In the meantime: Search the web and research the Ericson 25. When it came-out, I thought it was a nicely made and good looking boat; but that was a long time ago. It was before I could even afford to own a boat. (Some drawings and specs) (there may be a Part I, II, or III) (Some "threaded" comments on the boat)

  4. Stu Jackson

    Stu Jackson

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