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Dead thread?

Discussion in 'Bristol' started by Tarditi, Aug 28, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Tarditi


    Joined Jun 25, 2017
    7 posts, 0 likes
    Bristol 24
    US Haddonfield, NJ Forked River, NJ
    I have a 1967 Bristol24 Corsair and was looking to share information with others...

  2. jsalley


    Joined Mar 20, 2007
    491 posts, 3 likes
    Catalina 355
    US Kilmarnock, VA
    My dad had a 1967 Sailstar Corsair (later renamed Bristol 24 after Sailstar was acquired by Bristol Yachts). I learned to sail on it back then. Nice, spacious (if a little slow) pocket cruiser. I took that boat all over the upper Chesapeake back in the 60's and 70's. Great memories. What is your hull #? Ours was 283.

  3. jviss


    Joined Feb 5, 2004
    2,140 posts, 151 likes
    Tartan 3800
    US Westborough Westport, MA
    What's the point of the thread title, "Dead Thread?"

  4. uncledom


    Joined Jun 11, 2011
    881 posts, 117 likes
    Hunter 41
    US Lewes
    it's so no one looks at it

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  5. justsomeguy


    Joined Feb 20, 2011
    5,979 posts, 671 likes
    Island Packet 35
    US Mexico Tucson, AZ/San Carlos, MX
    Except for us sickos? :biggrin:
    I thought we'd be wearing tie-dye shirts.

  6. Meriachee


    Joined Aug 1, 2011
    2,285 posts, 542 likes
    Catalina 270
    CA Edmonton, Ab Wabamun - on the orange ball

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  7. Tarditi


    Joined Jun 25, 2017
    7 posts, 0 likes
    Bristol 24
    US Haddonfield, NJ Forked River, NJ
    OK - fair enough - should have been something along the lines of "is this subforum dead?" as in: there is not much activity here at all...

    1) Do we (Bristol owners) have nothing noteworthy to post?
    2) Are we asleep at the helm?
    3) Has everyone moved on...

    To respond to JSally - I need to get my hull# - the one on my registration is made up by the state - the one on the brass placard is pretty hard to read.

  8. Ron20324


    Joined Jan 22, 2008
    5,948 posts, 474 likes
    Beneteau 323
    US Annapolis MD
    I was hoping it was the Grateful Dead's new clothing line,
    the "G.D. Haberdashery" :rolleyes:

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