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Dacron Sails - What's the deal?

Discussion in 'Catalina Capri 22 Forum' started by Windy City, Feb 9, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Windy City

    Windy City

    Joined Feb 7, 2010
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    Catalina Capri 22 MKII
    1097 US Grove, OK
    I've been trying to sell a couple Fantastic Condition Dacron Head Sails for awhile with zero interest. Is everyone only looking for plastic sails now or are they afraid of what's wrong with practically new sails at half price? I'm serious. What's the deal?

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  2. bgstar19


    Joined Jul 25, 2018
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    O'day 19 MK-II Weekender
    US Narragansett Bay
    Hey Windy,
    Are they cut for a roller furler?

  3. SG


    Joined Feb 11, 2017
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    J/Boat J/160
    US Annapolis
    First, your target market is for Catalina 30's (I am assuming you're set-up roller furling). You need to go to those boats first. Then you might find out what other boats have the same effective measurements. That's your secondary market.

    It's not a. Huge market, but

  4. Windy City

    Windy City

    Joined Feb 7, 2010
    49 posts, 1 likes
    Catalina Capri 22 MKII
    1097 US Grove, OK
    They have a #5 Luff Tape which fits a Schaefer SnapFurl, TuffLuff and others.

  5. Windy City

    Windy City

    Joined Feb 7, 2010
    49 posts, 1 likes
    Catalina Capri 22 MKII
    1097 US Grove, OK
    Sorry I needed to update my Avatar and have. I'm a Capri 22 owner now.

  6. Captain Larry-DH

    Captain Larry-DH

    Joined Jun 14, 2010
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    Quorning Dragonfly 1200
    US home
    Your question probably nailed the likely reasons. (BTW Dacron is plastic, too).

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  7. delling3


    Joined Jul 28, 2016
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    476 Wavelength
    Well, assuming you are talking Capri 22 sails, may I ask what price you are looking to get for your sails? In my experience, used sails, regardless of age, rarely fetch more than 40% of the cost of new. I know that's not a "fair" price for a sail that's been used 3 times, but you also must take into account that when it comes to used sails, your definition of "practically new" and someone else's may be far different.

    Serious racers are likely looking for mylar tri-radials or even string sails and aren't interested in Dacron. If you have a Dacron headsail from a premium loft (i.e. Ullman) you might have $1200 in a Dacron sail. When you look at what some of the off-shore suppliers (like Precision or FX Sails) will likely sell you one for $800. Suddenly, $600 doesn't look like a real bargain for a used sail. You must take this into account.

    You may find a wider audience for your sails on eBay. I have had great luck selling sails there. I am often surprised by how much sails go for in an auction. Good luck selling!

  8. garymalmgren


    Joined May 29, 2018
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    Canel 25 foot
    Jonathan jp Shoigama, japan
    It's winter!
    It's hard to sell a motorcycle or boat in winter.
    I know you are talking about sails, but wait till spring rolls around.
    BTW how long is a while?

  9. Meriachee


    Joined Aug 1, 2011
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    Catalina 270
    CA Wabamun - on the orange ball
    That sounds even more like a sales pitch than the original post. Did you guys notice the little banner in the page?

  10. odj22sailor


    Joined Feb 16, 2017
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    259 TBD
  11. Phil Herring

    Phil Herring Dethroned Admin

    Joined Mar 25, 1997
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    US Bainbridge Island
    Yeah, this thread is treading just over the line of sales pitch.

    I will leave it here but please be mindful that we do NOT permit advertisements in the forums, either for new or used sails. Thanks!

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  12. Jackdaw


    Joined Nov 8, 2010
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    US Minneapolis MN & Bayfield WI
    Indeed, dacron is polyester fibers woven into cloth, mylar is extruded polyester into film.

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  13. Windy City

    Windy City

    Joined Feb 7, 2010
    49 posts, 1 likes
    Catalina Capri 22 MKII
    1097 US Grove, OK
    Thanks delling ,your comments are very helpful. Painful, but make absolute sense. I'll go for a Plan B.

  14. letlmt


    Joined Oct 21, 2018
    121 posts, 8 likes
    Catalina Capri 22
    Rebel 2 US Lake George
    How about the value of brand new factory sails that were never used? Is there a market for them?

  15. sroberts


    Joined Jul 31, 2010
    27 posts, 7 likes
    Catalina Capri 22
    39 US Seneca, SC
    @Windy City - where are your sails listed? It may help if you provide a link to them. If that is illegal here please PM me with a link.

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