Cuba to USA

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    Oh man! You are sure opening yourself up a big can of worms with that question. :poke:
    And look at you not wearing any protection.

    -Will (Dragonfly)

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    And more posts that have absolutely nothing to do with the OP's question. Maybe that is why he hasn't replied. Only @Gunni has given actual info. You must love reading your own replies. Keep the noise level at maximum guys, keep it at 11.

  3. Gene Neill

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    What does YOUR post have to do with the OP's question?

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    Nothing. Just pointing out the fact that this person came here looking for help and got this thread instead. I will get off your lawn now.

  5. JamesG161


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    I answered the OP quickly since he and I have the same boat H430
    In my post#2, I gave him a link that shows all the necessary links to do what he asked.

    I said "as a start" since it was dated 2017.
    has the "child links" too.
    It is US Customs that will answer all his question and provide forms.

    In addition, there is a a US Consulate in the Bahamas that can lead him through the process.

    From my living outside of the USA and then returning, all of his boat inventory that is Personal and can be taken off his boat, will need to be identified or it subject to import duties.

    Contraband will be confiscated.

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    That’s an image I need to get out of my mind before I go to sleep to night.

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  7. Tom J

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    Or you could take a slip in Miamiami Marina. Genuine Cuban vibe, there. I miss the Cuban grilled sandwiches.

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