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    Catalina 27 owners on the Pacific Northwest coast are invited to the 2nd annual Catalina 27 rendezvous to be held May 23/24/25 2010 at Thetis Island Marina (Gulf Is). Last year over 20 boats attended and a good time was had by all. For details contact chambao.

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    Excuse my ignorance, but where is Gulf Island?

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    It's plural, not singular, quite possibly the best cruising grounds on the planet, (that'll generate some discussion I'll bet) and Telegraph (where you can get pizza delivered to the boat) is at:

    WGS84 48° 58′ 15.84″ N, 123° 39′ 50.73″ W
    48.971067, -123.664092

    The 2014 Rendezvous is July 11-13, and here is the unsolicited detail.

    Socialize, eat, drink, be merry and get your pirate on!

    DATES: JULY 11 - 13
    PLACE: Telegraph Harbour Marina, Thetis Island

    Step 1 RESERVE MOORAGE: Have your credit card ready and call Telegraph Harbour Marina toll free at 1-800-246-6011. Be sure to let them know that you're booking for the rendezvous.

    Step 2 REGISTER YOUR BOAT: send email to with your name, boat size/year/name and how many people you'll have on board. Have questions? She can help with that too.

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    How did this meeting go?
    Are there any more planned for 2015?

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