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C 27 cockpit coaming replacement

Discussion in 'Mid-Size Boats' started by Allowishish, Oct 30, 2017. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Allowishish


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    Catalina c 27
    Long Monday US Colorado Lake Pueblo
    I recently acquired a c 27 and went out this weekend to do some conditioning work.

    The interior took lemon oil pretty well so I then went to the exterior.

    The cockpit coaming 8514A720-F04E-4E51-992B-2CCBE3E5EA6A.jpeg took a sanding well to remove the peeling varnish then I oiled it and was planning on hitting it with more oil then varnish...
    however the other one is in really bad shape and already repaired once.

    Does anyone know of a source for these in teak? Any other wood options? I have seen the white plastic replacements for them on Catalina Direct but would like to keep the wood accent if possible.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Joe


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    Catalina 27
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Low prices, custom fit, no-wait estimates
Mainsail covers
Pre-patterned mainsail covers to fit your boat
Teak companionway doors
Amazing artisan quality, custom made to fit your boat.
Merriman pedestal control head
Finally, an aluminum replacement for this YS Merriman part.