Bow Sprit

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    You should be able to pad it well and lash the track to the pulpit to hang away from the side of the bow.

  2. weekendrken


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    I went the cetol route after stripping all the hard high gloss varnish the PO used.
    Also on places below. Besides the dull, opaque “paint look” the finish isn’t for any location that gets any abrasion. Even on the hanging locker trim, anything that rubs over the edge wears off cetol. I’m pretty much done with using that stuff on anything outside or anywhere else. I’d rather oil more often.

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    Dwcory, I have some cetol left after using it on cockpit wood and was wondering if it would hold up on bowsprit so I was glad to see your post.
    Did you strip the bowsprit to bare wood-how many coats did you apply

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    Yes I did strip it down to raw wood. Scraped and sanded it. I was only able to get two coats on it because of the weather and travel distance to the boat. Hoping I will be able to add at least one more coat to it after it's in the water.

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    I believe I did two coats of Cetol on the sprit (and everything else). Need to revitalize some of it this year....

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    Okay, can't take it anymore! Read the whole thread and it seems like a lot of work. Ready for "Plan B"?

    Cover it in fiberglass and gel coat then spend the time saved every year by going sailing.

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