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Beckson Port Gasket @#$%%$#

Discussion in 'Ask All Sailors' started by njlarry, Aug 29, 2016. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. JerryA


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    Replaced three of them two years ago and the lens at the same time. I had to stretch them a good amount. Maybe it was easier with the lens off.

    All worked out and they don't leak.


  2. John Nantz

    John Nantz

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    If heating them in the sun or in hot water is helpful, what about using a hair dryer as you go? Use two hands to hold one end and, a few inches away, stretch the other, while a second person shoots the hair dryer air at it?

  3. JoeMerchant


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    Lens off/on wouldn't have made a difference on my 414s - but soaking the gasket in warm water made it 1000% easier to get in the slot. Still wasn't exactly easy, but was at least possible and not very frustrating. The paper instructions that came with my gaskets didn't mention warming it, but for my case (70F ambient), warming the gasket made a huge difference - it seated more or less as expected by reading the rest of the instructions.

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  4. John Nantz

    John Nantz

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    Joe -
    So for us guys further north (~ 48ÂșN) we can just wait for summer and do the hot water soak!
    Thanks for sharing. I liked that!

  5. njlarry


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    I will try again this spring with heat from a hair dryer. Hopefully that will do the trick. May try the adhesive gasket material. But if not back up plan is make a dremmel tool router jig to slightly widen the groove for the gasket then fill with 4200 adhesive and shove the gasket retaining finger in the goo, dog it down and see if it works. Last step is just replace the ports with another brand .
    I have talked to the factory and all they can say is use a plastic hammer and it's a bear even with their jigs, only a few workers do it.

  6. Stu Jackson

    Stu Jackson

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    I must be one of 'em! :yikes: I've done four of our eight.
    Larry, it takes patience and following the directions. And don't ever use 4200, you'll ruin the port, and you will eventually have to replace it again, like if your screens need replacing. Bad idea.
    Really. That's all.
    Oh, wait!!! This helps a lot ====== :beer::beer::beer:

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