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Another Trip Around the Sun

Discussion in 'Roger Long - Cruising on Strider' started by Roger Long, Feb 24, 2014. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Roger Long

    Roger Long

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    US Portland, Maine
    We woke up to something new in the air. These delightful weeks of lazy mornings and minimal commitments are over. The time for making lists and bustling around with the excitement of upcoming adventure is at hand.

    History repeats. A year and four days ago I wrote, “Cruising Posts to Resume”. A year ago yesterday, I was headed down the Potomac River to resume the cruising life that brought me here. Today, I write again that cruising posts will resume.

    I fly to Newport News on Friday and will spend the weekend getting Strider ready for launch on Monday. I will move back aboard then and she will sit to settle for a day before York River Yacht Haven’s mechanic and I realign the engine on Wednesday. Dreameagle will join me then or a few days later depending on a professional commitment she is awaiting word on.

    The plan then is to head south as quickly as weather permits. We hope to get as far as Charleston to visit some of Dreameagle’s family. However, we are going to avoid any commitments or schedule. Hanging around in the cabin is a lot pleasanter than it used to be so we aren’t going to drive ourselves through any unpleasant conditions.

    We leave with the tax man on our heels. I got a letter from the Commissioner of Revenue asking that I submit a personal property tax return since I had a boat in the state on the first of the year. I sent an email explaining the circumstances and was told they would take me off the tax rolls as long as I was not in the state for more than four months. Too bad for the yard. We were giving some thought to waiting another month and having the yard do some additional work but the tax man is chasing their customer and work away.

  2. rtshinn


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    US Seneca Lake
    The Taxman Cometh

  3. Scott T-Bird

    Scott T-Bird

    Joined Oct 26, 2008
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    Starwind 27
    US Barnegat, NJ
    Taxed Enough Already ... Roger, you're sounding downright TEA partyish! Good luck with the trip south! Last year, we documented that you were the 1st snowbird to travel north. It's sounding like you could be the 1st to travel south this year with a southbound migration in March. Nobody is going to accuse you of being conventional!

  4. Stu Jackson

    Stu Jackson

    Joined Feb 26, 2004
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    Catalina 34
    224 CA Maple Bay, BC, Canada
    Wonderful to have you back.

    Taxes are non-partisan, let's keep it that way. :)

  5. Jimm


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    Catalina 30MkII Tall rig
    US Eastport , Md
    Roger - See you on the water ... I begin heading north from Key West later this week. Plan to stop in Savannah for a week for bottom paint.

  6. jileshinson


    Joined Mar 4, 2010
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    Endeavour 32 ft. sloop
    US Oriental N.C.
    Great News

    Good fortune to you both. Keep the articles coming,they are very entertaining and informative. Thanks.This is my boat. Look familiar?

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  7. Ron20324


    Joined Jan 22, 2008
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    Beneteau 323
    US Annapolis MD
    Methinks his compass is mounted backwards :doh:

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