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AC power issues and relocating water heater in Hunter 34

Discussion in 'Ask All Sailors' started by Beth and Bill, Mar 13, 2018. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. Beth and Bill

    Beth and Bill

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    Hunter 14.6, Hunter 34
    Provehat Aura US Muskegon
    Hello All,
    We just purchased a 1984 Hunter 34’. It’s my second Hunter, my first was a 31’ which I so loved. This boat has some added features like a fairly new refrigerator, and AC. The boat did well on the survey (LOL) for which I asked they check the electrical systems. Well, I know there is an issue which did not show up. So, I am looking for suggestions on what is installed and how to remedy the problem with little cost. I have an extensive electronics background in a totally different application, so I can do the work myself properly with some good advice.

    I was checking the electrical loads when I noticed there were some hot wires and know I need to make some changes. I have added three photos: 1 of the old inverter which is hanging upside down under the nav table. Photo 2 is a “Square D” gray box which has a loud hummmmm, and Photo 3 is of the jumpers attached to the inverter. We have only started our refit and repairs and I need your expertise on my electrical situation. The inverter also has a 12v. connector on the floor. The last time I saw a connection like that was jump starting airplanes when I was a kid.

    Also looking for feedback from anybody who has moved the water heater in a Hunter 34’. The one on this boat was removed to install the AC unit. (The AC controller for the water pump was rewired Day One to remove the extension cords that had been spliced in at many locations).

    Many thanks to all the great answers in the past and future!

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  2. dlochner


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    The first thing I'd be curious about is the Square D electrical box. That is obviously not a marine quality box and there is no telling what's inside. I'd open it up. Since a prior owner used shore based electrical products, I'd check all the AC wiring to make sure that is done properly, i.e., stranded AWG wire, no wire nuts, proper circuit protection, etc.

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  3. kloudie1


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    Hunter 34
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    Going to take some wire tracing .. Guessing: the wire plugged into the inverter goes to the 110V panel? so it can be unplugged for shore power..
    The big red plug is the 12V supply to the inverter the inverter can be unplugged when not in use..
    Humming square D is anybody's guess.. maybe a home made isolation transformer?

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  4. Capt Robbie

    Capt Robbie

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    Hunter 34
    Us Red Bank NJ
    My h34 is 1983 and the factory Ac panel is under sized to run air conditioning. It can be done with specific power management for example shut off the big ticket items like hot water heater when using the air conditioner. I installed a second 30 amp shore power hook up and second 30 amp panel that I bought from Paneltronics.
    It runs the air conditioner and outside outlets that I installed.
    I got tired of tripping breakers whenever my wive turned on hair dryer with the heater on.
    Seemed to resolve power consumption issue plus if I ever need more power, it have plenty to tap from.

    Most after market air conditioning systems usually fit in the under the settee along with the the hot water heate. It's a tight fit for sure.
    If you have to relocate the hot water heater the only space I can think of is in the starboard lazarette or aft lazarette. However I don't think that either location will work due to the opening space limitations. Some owners have gained access to the starboard lazarette by cutting a doorway thru the quarter berth.

    You maybe able to relocate the hot water heater under the galley sink if you remove the fixed shelf on the starboard side under the storage counter space.

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