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1988 O'Day 35

Discussion in 'Ask An Oday Owner' started by pzmaria, Feb 4, 2019. Add this thread to a FAQ

  1. pzmaria


    Joined May 5, 2017
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    Catalina C30
    MX PA
    Hello all members and owners. I'm looking for some pointers and advice on this boat. Recently I sold my 1987 Catalina30 and now looking at 1988 35-O'Day apparently in "good" shape. I would love to hear opinions, advice, pointers etc what to look for when checking out this boat. The boat is sitting in Caribbean island and access to boat surveyor is very limited. Right now this boat is priced in the $23-25 thousand and it was listed first in April 2017. Is there anything I should specifically look for? Every boat has some weak points and is prone to something if not taken care of. I will be heading to look at the boat next week so any info from owners and anybody who knows this boats will be greatly appreciated.
    The owner says that deck rot has been taken care of whatever that means. I am familiar with fibreglass work, mechanical issues etc. Original Universal has been refitted with Westerbeke engine

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  2. Mickstr


    Joined Jun 1, 2007
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    O'Day 322
    US Mt.Sinai
    I have 2 friends that each have an O35 and love it! One just sailed his down from NY to FL Gulf coast for the winter. Not sure what specifically you need to look for, but I can say that both love their '35.

  3. heritage


    Joined Apr 22, 2011
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    Hunter 27
    US Cherry Point MCAS
    I really liked our O'day 37 which is similar to the 35. They do have iron keels that can show rust stains if not coated well. The iron keel does have one advantage over lead, especially in an older boat, in that the keel boats can be removed and checked by unscrewing them. The price of the one in Isla seems a little high. Also you could have problems bringing it back to the states if the sales taxes have never been paid on it. Did you see this one in Maryland: listing ?

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  4. pzmaria


    Joined May 5, 2017
    24 posts, 1 likes
    Catalina C30
    MX PA
    The plan is to keep it there as I spend most of the time there. Are the bolts creating any problems like rust, micro cracks etc? Are they accessible from the bilge well? As for the price, you think it is still high with the upgrades listed? Any problems with blistering on the hull? What should I specifically look for. Catalinas from those years had very solid connection for keels to the hull but had problems with compression blocks under their masts.

  5. daviddp


    Joined Aug 7, 2018
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    o'Day 34
    113 us NY
    We have a 34 and love it. The transom was the only change from 34 to 35 I think it was marketing based. Sell it as a 35. The price does seems high for a salt water boat of that vintage compared to others we looked at prior to purchase. Looks like the interior will need work. Electronics? Standing rigging? Sails? I don't think you can justify spending thousands on interior @ the price they are asking. We purchased our 83 34' in July 2018 for 15k on Lake Ontario in good shape except vintage interior and electronics which we replaced @ approx 3500. Looks to be about comparable to condition of the one you are looking at. Good luck with it.

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  6. heritage


    Joined Apr 22, 2011
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    Hunter 27
    US Cherry Point MCAS
    We never had any blisters in the 3 years that we owned it. It had been epoxy coated by the PO but no mention by him of blisters. There was a slight separation between the keel and keel stub on our last haul out. No leaking water at the separation or rust stains. Dry bilge. The yard applied some West Systems G-flex as a cosmetic fix. I noticed in the Yachtworld ad that they claimed that the sails were "good". Good usually means tired but usable. The other listed features of boat are impressive. I got the feeling that it is well fitted out for cruising and live aboard. Checking it out, if nothing else, would be a great excuse to go to Isla.

  7. Apex


    Joined Jun 19, 2013
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    Oday 28
    US Traverse City
    condition of the maryland boat and better price.....hmmm

  8. pzmaria


    Joined May 5, 2017
    24 posts, 1 likes
    Catalina C30
    MX PA
    What about the Westerbeke engine? There was a Universal 25XP on my Catalina. Loved that engine as most parts were coming from Cubota 950 at great discount prices.

  9. rajhnsn


    Joined Oct 7, 2008
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    Oday Oday 35
    US Chesapeake Bay
    I've owned an Oday 35 for 12 years. Love this boat. I've posted on the Oday larger boats about the things that I have done to the boat over the years. There are several other 35 owners that have even more information posted as well. These boats are a great value as far as I'm concerned. Very strong and sea worthy. I would say it is a great buy at that price.

  10. Benjammin


    Joined Jan 28, 2017
    11 posts, 1 likes
    O'Day 34
    US Suttons Bay
    I’m a relatively new owner of an ‘84 34 but am enjoying it immensely. Freshwater with winter haul out so can’t speak to prolonged hull exposure. Only issue I’ve found is inaccessible rudder post to install belowdecks AP drive (encased in fiberglass down to the radial drive). Still trying to decide if I can remove a few inches to install a tiller arm. I know a wheel pilot is adequate but I like the safety of a 2nd steering option if the cables fail.
    Oh, and check for the ammeter at the control panel - it’s a fire hazard. See this link if you haven’t already
    Fair winds!

  11. Project_Mayhem


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    O'Day 25
    US Waukegan
  12. Davidasailor26


    Joined May 17, 2004
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    Beneteau Oceanis 37 LE
    US Havre de Grace
    All of the reports I've read on the 302 and 322 issues limit the layup problems to those gray hull models, and not the earlier 2 digit models. The 302 and 322 were built after the company was bought out a time or two and that seemed to lead to the quality issues. Never saw systemic reports of keel joint or sump issues in the pre-buyout boats.

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