Yamaha 25 weather helm

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Dec 20, 2005
- - Penticton
I have a lot of weather helm on my Yamaha 25. This year I bought a new mainsail which reduced the weather helm but still the problem exists. I tuned the rig according to the manual but have not measured the forestay. I don't think I have an adjustment on it as it is furling. The mast seemed near vertical (1.25 degrees recommended) when I set it up last year. I have an adjustable backstay and know how to use the outhaul, cunningham, etc to reduce helm. I'm wondering if I adjusted the forward lower shrouds too tightly last year or not enough. If I still have weather helm, how can I adjust the lower shrouds to help this? I'm thinking I probably have to shorten the forestay!


Weather helm - my solution

Hi, I have lived on my y-30 for over 6 years now. The first couple I fought the weatherhelm problem would not go away and even thought of the rigging solutions you are considering. Then, I removed a bunch of stuff for a long race and it improved. Short story: the bow was too heavy causing the weather helm. Rigging was fine. Weather helm is now a thing of the past. Check your weight distribution.


Y-25 Weather helm

I have a Y-25 and used to fight weather helm in stiff breeze, especially if using the 153 genny. I tried tighten the backstay and taking the curve out of the sails, and it work sometimes. Then I just let the main out, and luffing a little and the weather helm went away. In light to moderate breeze, I have a slight weather helm, about 5 degrees, but that is fine with me as I feel it give the boat a better feel on the tiller and some lift.
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