Would You Use Biodiesel if Available

Mar 26, 2011
Corsair F-24 MK I Deale, MD
A lot of auto repair shops burn used motor oil for heat. The heaters are designed for it so they work well and they have a lot of it doing thousands of oil changes a year. My nephew owns a shop and I take all my old oil to him.
A diesel engine and a flame in a can are not the same thing.

You are free to put fuel in your engine that does not meet ASTM spec. The considered opinion of experts is that it is a bad idea.
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Aug 22, 2017
Hunter 26.5 West Palm Beach
I never heard of a heater that could run on straight motor oil. But is there a reason not to dilute used motor oil into a conventional heating oil fuel tank?
I used to work in a place that fired an 1100hp boiler on recovered combustable liquids. A special permit was required (from the EPA?). The burner had an adjustable mix ratio. I was not the boiler operator, so I do not have all the details, but I do know that it has been done.