What do you use for cradle pads?

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May 21, 2004
Hunter 31_83-87 Milwaukee South Shore Yacht Club
We are refurbishing our cradle. It is 20 years old. The four pads have plywood squares with carpet on them. Both the plywood and the carpeting is falling apart. The stern of the cradle has a long curved tray with 2x4's laying in it, also covered by carpet. What should we put on the pads? Is there something better than plywood and carpet. Thanks
Feb 6, 2006
Hunter 23 Bay Shore, LI, NY
I use 2x4 pressure treated

covered with trailer bunk carpeting for the long curvy pieces. for square pads you are probably better off using CDX 3/4 ply, with epoxy liberally brushed over to waterproof it and then covered with bunk carpet as well.
Jun 3, 2004
Hunter 34 Toronto, Ontario Canada
Rubber stair runner

I use 3/4 plywood- treated is good if you can find it. I cover that with any kind of thick pile carpet and then cover that with a piece of the black stair runner type rubber. I put it on with the "groves" running up and down to help water drain out. I dont like uncovered carpet as it harbours water and stays wet most of the winter in our climate.
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