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water between lead and fiberglass jacket of keel


Mar 17, 2014
Has anyone ever had issues with water getting between the fiberglass keel (jacket) and lead? I understand the keel fiberglass is non structural, but notice doing a tap test there are gaps between the the fiberglass and lead. I have had an issue with water getting in between the two and when the water freezes it creates a crack in the keel fiberglass jacket . I think the water is coming from the bilge thru the keel bolts and seeping thru some how, or possibly the water is seeping down the lifting point in the bilge to the hull/lead interface--not sure this lift point goes to the lead or not. There is no evidence of any hull cracks or keel cracks to allow the water in. The hull also has 6 coats of barrier coat. thoughts?
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Nov 13, 2011
Oday 23 New River Az
Drill some drain holes when it is going to be sitting for a while. Pour some isopropyl alcohol where you think it is entering. When everything is nice and dry seal the top, and repair the holes.