Varnish vs Cetol

Feb 28, 2013
I have recently purchased the Mistral 981E. We are begining a refurbushment. Over the past 10 or 20 years I have used various Cetol products with good results with regard to durability. However, I used it generally on small accent pieces not large areas like the cabin sides on our Mistral. I have concerns about the appearence of the tinting (althought they have a "clear" product). Any advice or experiences with other products. The teak is in relatively good shape and I don't want to cover up the natural beauty, but I would like a uniform appearence and good durability. Thanks. Steve
Feb 13, 2007
Steve, my brightwwork guru used the light Cetol product on Ipe wood with great results. have used Cetol for 8 seasons. on large pieces of teak, like cockpit coaming and companionway on my Alden Zephyr, Foolish Things. with durable results. With no upkeep except cold water wash, for 3 seasons finish looked great to me. Season 4 it looked respectable. Season 5 loooked like last season I could get away with. of looking great. My brightwork guru said Cetol had been improved lately , and said that if one was willing to spend $1,200
annully (at $100/hr here in new York metro area )on guardian maintenance one could go on 7 years or more without stripping . You can see " Foolish Things" in the Alden section on yachtworld. Some of the shots give you an idea of results with Cetol.