Towing weight

Aug 7, 2013
I have been lurking around here for awhile and plan do get a Capri 22 soon. I'm wondering what the actual weight of Capri with trailer and typical gear is.


Nov 21, 2012
Catalina Capri 22
Well, my single axle Capri trailer ( Trail-Rite) is just shy of 1,000 lbs. Boat 2,300 lbs.

Figure another couple of hundred pounds for motor, gas, and various junk.

Check you state regulations as far as brake requirements on the trailer.

May 23, 2007
Catalina Capri 22 Albany, Oregon
I think Hersh is about right. I weighed mine once it it was somewhere between 3500 and 3800 pounds IIRC.


Aug 10, 2012
WD Schock Wavelength 24 Wallenpaupack
Catalina spec'ed their trailers to 3500 GVWR... So I suspect that is a pretty honest number.